How To Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

Having a more sustainable wardrobe has become a real priority because it represents a first step that each of us can take in order to start making a real contribution to safeguarding the environment by developing awareness and sensitivity. Unlike what many people believe, it’s actually very easy to create a sustainable wardrobe… just start with what you already have! ORGANIZE YOUR WARDROBE Take some time off or take advantage of a wardrobe change to empty your closet entirely and do some decluttering: most people buy clothes they never end up wearing. Emptying the wardrobe and understanding which items you wear most often and which ones you have never used is a great starting point! REPURPOSING So what to do with unused clothes? Really everything! At this point you really have a thousand options to choose from: you can decide to donate them to some charity, or to some of your friends, you can decide to put them for sale on our website or turn them into something that can come in handy… Never throw away garments! The garments that are thrown in the garbage are incinerated or end up in a landfill, they will no longer be recycled, they will no longer be of any use but to pollute. If we don’t wear something because we don’t like it anymore, we can always make someone else happy by donating it to associations, friends, markets; or if, on the other hand, a garment is damaged with small tears, holes or missing buttons, it can be easily repaired. If it can no longer be worn, it can be recycled. Having a few but good items is the key to a sustainable wardrobe, and knowing how to keep them over time can only help you; if you are curious to know more, we talked about it in our post, take a look! https://www.chicfashic.com/how-to-make-your-beloved-clothes-last-longer/ CONSCIOUS BUYING Although the most sustainable thing is not to buy and make the most of the clothes you already own, there are some basic garments that allow you to take advantage of all the other clothes, creating always different looks and making you use garments that you would never otherwise wear. But what are these must-haves? – a white organic cotton t-shirt is a basic garment around which you can build a series of looks that are all perfect, you can combine it with everything. – definitely a pair of blue jeans, to be used in every season and combined with any other garment! It can make a look casual and comfortable when paired with sneakers and organic cotton t-shirts, or elegant when paired with moccasins and a blazer. – a blazer is that garment that instantly makes any look you want to create elegant; also if you prefer a more oversized cut you will find it very easily in thrifting shops or even in the wardrobes of your parents or grandparents. – last but not least, a black dress. It is a timeless garment that can be used both for special or elegant occasions, but also for every day if worn with sneakers. All these garments are available from sustainable and ethical brands, or also in vintage stores or online second hand shops. While these are great tips, the truth is unfortunately NOT buying is the most sustainable thing you can do. Committing to wearing, loving and taking care of the clothes you already own is, in my opinion, really the basis of a sustainable wardrobe. Let us know in the comments if you have already managed to create your sustainable wardrobe, if you are at the beginning of your journey or if you have any questions about it!

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