It’s slow fashion season!

In recent years, the fashion industry has brought with it a huge negative impact on the environment that many people may not be aware of, making it the second largest polluter in the world. Fast fashion provides cheap, mass-produced clothes that are very popular with buyers because they are affordable and fashionable. But at the same time they are shoddy and often made in factories where workers are employed for too many hours, in unsafe conditions, for miserable wages. Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, drink clean water and live a decent life. It’s time to change! We at Chicfashic have decided to join Slow Fashion Movement (ig: slowfashion.movement) in their new sustainable initiative: the Slow Fashion Season!

What is #SlowFashionSeason?

It’s the season in which we decide to act a #fashiondetox by not buying anything new for 3 months: from the 1st of July until the 30th of September, you’ll detox yourself from the ‘addiction’ of fast fashion and impulse buying. Our goal is to get 20.000 people to join us, making a huge change: together we can save the equivalent of up to 750 million liters of water and 2.5 million kilograms of CO2 emissions!

How it works:

From July to September we will no longer buy new items! The main purpose is to send a powerful message to the fashion industry: fashion with pollution and unfair labor conditions is not normal. Together we make waves! We aim to deepen your relationship with your clothes: behind each garment there is a story and a life cycle that we often forget. Learn how to take care of your clothes, trying to maintain them over time, learning to buy less and to love the clothes you own. By joining this journey you can then create your own style by rediscovering the garments you already have in your wardrobe, transforming or reusing them creatively, otherwise buying garments in a sustainable way. Second hand and vintage clothes are just as fashionable, often unique and allow for amazing combinations.

How can Chicfashic help you through this journey?

Chicfashic is a platform that aims to radically change our approach to fashion. Our sustainable fashion community is committed to making the clothes we have last longer and reducing the impact of the fast fashion industry on our planet.

Sustainable Platform

We provide a platform that facilitates the exchange of second-hand apparel through swapping, selling, renting and buying – all in one place. Our unique online shop allows people to rent, trade or purchase items directly from other people’s wardrobes, making shopping cheaper and more sustainable than it has ever been. Shopping on Chicfashic is ethical and safe: our team personally checks the profiles of all members and payments are made through our secure website. Our team is always ready for you if you notice anything suspicious or unsatisfactory! The best way to purchase items is without packaging and with low impact transportation. This means that we promote the personal exchange of items: by purchasing locally you will not need polluting packaging and you will have the opportunity to meet personally to evaluate the quality of the clothing yourself. Where in-person exchange is not possible, we provide light-weight reusable bags to protect the quality of your apparel and the transportation through cycle couriers – a zero emission mode of transportation!

Workshops and teachings

In addition to the sustainable exchange of clothes, we also facilitate the exchange of knowledge. We, at Chicfashic, want to give you information about the impact of the fashion industry on the planet, on the fabrics and materials used, on what is really behind the production of a garment; we do this using academic tools such as workshops and online teachings, as well as academic projects and through our blog posts. Our aim is to spread awareness about your environmental impact and to give you sustainable and ethical solutions.

Practical skills

Chicfashic can help you maintain your clothes through the time, develop artful and practical skills, and get an in-depth understanding of what you wear everyday. By joining our workshops you will be more aware about the materials used in the fashion industry, being able to distinguish good quality from the bad one and buying much more consciously. Also, you will acquire practical skills such as mending, patching, sewing and repairing damaged clothing and fabrics. So, at Chicfashic all parties involved can benefit from each other: building a community that can help you on your sustainable journey… Join us and take a stand against fast fashion with Slow Fashion Season!  

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