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Chicfashic is a unique platform where education, community and shopping meet to promote awareness and social change in fashion consumption, and to provide an alternative shopping tool to fast fashion.

Textiles are fundamental to our society, providing us with clothing, shoes, carpets, curtains, furniture, etc. for homes, offices and public buildings. 

The textiles industry employs millions of people worldwide, making it among the largest in the world and an important part of Europe’s manufacturing industry. However, textile production and consumption cause significant environmental, climate and social impacts by using resources, water, land and chemicals and emitting greenhouse gases and pollutants.Not only is it harmful to our environment, the production of clothing often relies on exploitative and dangerous practices.



The unique feature of the platform is that individuals meet up locally in order to exchange their items this eliminates pollution generated by the many layers of packaging that create masses of waste and consume a lot of resources and removes emissions from packaging and shipping.

This creates a sense of bonding and brings those with a similar mindset closer together and helps to spread awareness on environmental justice and sustainability. Shipping garments also means alienation and isolation of people. Chicfashic instead creates a sense of purpose and belonging that will shift consumerist mindsets.


Chicfashic’s educational program ranges from practical workshops to lecturers. The practical workshops deliver quick and easy sewing skills that will save and extend the life of our clothes. Lectures provide insights into the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished products addressing critical issues, such as working conditions, pesticides usage, water consumption, deforestation and waste reduction.

Alongside we teach people the inner value of the different types of textile fibres and the importance of disposing clothing properly saving them from becoming general waste and thus incineration and making them available for recycling.

Chicfashic also strengthen local economies since offer the possibilities to second hand stores that don’t have their on website shop to use the platform too reduce footprints (80% of the the items they doesn’t sell go to incineration). 

Chicfashic is the solution!

The best way to exchange items is without packaging. At Chicfashic, we facilitate the personal exchange of items. This means that there is no need for extravagant packaging, and items can be traded simply. Where an in-person exchange is not possible, we provide lightweight reusable bags to protect the quality of your apparel.

The many conventional layers of packaging create masses of waste and consume a lot of resources. Usually, when we order an item online, it comes wrapped in plastic bags, boxes stuffed with tissue or bubble wrap, and covered in tape. It makes the package heavier to transport and overall, there is a significant increase in emissions and fuel costs.

Packaging creates waste in landfills and consumes new resources (trees, water...). When we order clothes online, they come in plastic postage bags or boxes, stuffed with tissue paper or bubble wrap, with bits of tape here and there. Paper requires more energy to produce than plastic - statistics vary but it is thought to be 3 times higher. It is also heavier to transport than plastic resulting in higher vehicle emissions and fuel costs. Globally 4 billion trees are cut down to make paper every year - the equivalent of 1% of the Amazon Rainforest. Additionally, It takes 5 liters of water to create one sheet of paper.  

Paper and cardboard is often touted as being the more sustainable option because it is bio-based, recyclable - on average more than five times - and biodegradable.

Much like cotton, due to its short fiber lengths, recycled paper is also dependent on the inclusion of virgin fiber to ensure strength and quality. Statistics from DEFRA show that in the UK, for example, paper mills use approximately 75% recovered fiber and 25% virgin fiber. 

High-profile media reports in 2019 revealed that only a fraction of waste sent for recycling is actually recycled. Recycling rates are calculated on the amount of waste sent for recycling and crucially, not the amount of waste that is actually recycled.

In 2016, the UK exported 74% of its waste to China which is now being diverted to South East Asian countries from Malaysia and Bangladesh to Vietnam. Likewise, approximately 80% of waste incinerators in the US are located in low-income communities. 

Much of the waste we export never gets close to a recycling plant and either end up in landfill or incineration due to leakage along the value chain or the inability of these new waste destinations to recycle the waste that they receive (much of it unsolicited and contaminated). 

The poor waste management processes in these countries has led to contaminated water and crops and respiratory illnesses amongst local communities, according to GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives). 

When avoiding packaging is not possible, we are convinced that reusable packaging is the only way to go so we provide reusable Chicfashic shipping bags made of second-hand clothes.

The local exchange of garments means low-impact transportation. Hop on your bike or take a pleasant walk to collect a new item for your sustainable wardrobe! We also facilitate the exchange of apparel through cycle couriers - a zero-emission mode of transportation!

Traditionally, garments are transported by ship, train or plane, across the globe and then by truck to get to retail stores. Shipping is responsible for 18-30% of all the world's nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution and 9% of the global sulfur oxide (SOx) pollution, as much sulfur output as 50 million cars.

Shipping your garments would also mean alienation and isolation of people. We hope to work against the individualistic trend of society and create a sustainable fashion community where we share a vision, mission, and positivity. In-person exchanges allow for the exchange of not only the items themselves but also great fashion tips, new ideas and possibly even new friendships.

At Chicfashic, we promote the human connection, community and trust around the world. Our unique online open-wardrobe sharing mechanism allows people to rent or lease wardrobe items directly from other individuals, making shopping cheaper and more sustainable than it has ever been. These concepts help to dramatically reduce our fashion footprint.

At Chicfashic, all parties involved can benefit from each other. Gains in terms of assets and finance, but also in support and sentiment.

People coming together and sharing the values of sustainability provides encouragement and strength for the community. A sustainable future can be reached only if we take care of- and conserve valuable resources, reduce waste, and, preserve natural beauty and culture. We act local and connect globally.

Leave behind the world of scammers and bad products. At Chicfashic, our team personally checks the profiles of all members. Payments are made through our secured website. Our team is always ready for you if you notice anything suspicious or unsatisfactory.

Since our exchanges occur locally, you have the chance to meet the seller and assess the quality of the apparel yourself. Each person is strongly encouraged to tell a story about who they are and about the clothes they are selling. We want to inspire people to look deeper and seek to understand people beyond their first impression and to share their values.

Following your purchase or lease, you can rate the seller’s wardrobe service! Reviews allow for a genuine evaluation. Enjoy a safe shopping experience!

No fake profile, 100% real members with a personal wardrobe profile. Each person is strongly encouraged to tell a story about how they are and about the clothes they are selling. We want to inspire people to look deeper and seek to understand people beyond their first impression and to share their values.

No fake payments 

No fake products, hidden defect, in fact you will personally see and review your purchases.

Make money sharing your wardrobe!​

By shopping preloved items with us, you'll help us save:

What makes us unique?

Chicfashic facilitates the exchange of second-hand apparel through swapping, selling, renting and buying – all in one place.

Worldwide Community

Wherever you go, you have access to infinite wardrobes, reducing your travelling footprint

Best Education

Education and behavioural change are an important part of the shift towards circular to a circular economy for textiles

Best Shopping

Rent or lease wardrobe items directly from other individuals, make shopping cheaper than it has ever been.


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