The clothing production cycle is a linear process of making, wearing, and throwing away. By lending, borrowing, selling and swapping items of your wardrobe locally, you can support a more circular process. We organise workshops and activities to engage and empower local communities to spread awareness on environmental justice and sustainability.

Our WorkShops

Sustainable Fashion

What is the impact of the clothes you wear? What is real leather vs. fake leather, or how does mass production of fibers  affect the environment? We provide you with the tools and materials to understand the key sustainability issues, as well as solutions, in the fashion industry. Join us and learn with Chicfashic!

Practical Skills

Hands-on skills can get you a long way. Chicfashic can help you maintain apparel for a long time, develop artful and practical skills, and, get an in-depth understanding of what you wear. Join our workshops to acquire practical skills such as mending, patching, sewing, and repairing damaged clothing and textiles.


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Chicfashic Cares

Chicfashic is a sustainable fashion platform not only for ethical shopping, education and coaching but also to support initiatives that benefit the environment and address humanitarian issues, locally and globally. At Chicfashic, we strive for the ethical treatment of people and the planet. The guiding force behind everything that we do is that we care about our community and environment. 

Our Projects

Adopt a tree and preserve nature

Our “Adopt a Tree” project aims to encourage individuals & organisations to adopt and plant trees to nurture and preserve nature. The benefits of trees are countless. Trees improve our air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide from the air we breathe. They release the very oxygen that keeps us alive, stabilizes the soil that gives us food and form the ecosystems for our planet’s wildlife. Let us do our bit, and give back to our planet by planting trees.

Clothes for Humanity

Chicfashic is committed to supporting humanitarian organisations which share our devotion to making a difference in communities that most need support. We collaborate with the Grow and Thrive Foundation. The Foundation helps women and children who make mud bricks in Patokki, Pakistan. The organisation provides food, healthcare and education to 700 children and their families. Chicfashic contributes by providing the Grow and Thrive Foundation with clothes,  especially for the children. We complete the circle by donating clothes that don’t find a to the Grow and Thrive Foundation. This creates a circular system that helps people in need, rather than letting our precious clothes end up in a landfill and generate waste. At Chicfashic, we recognise the importance of education in enabling individuals to escape the poverty cycle, gain skills and access healthier and wealthier lives. We are proud to be able to support the Grow and Thrive Foundation as they work to develop solutions and advocate for a healthy environment and society.